TCTE Awards

Don Jenkins Award for Excellence in the Teaching of English Language Arts

Adrian McClaren Scholarship

Don Jenkins Award for Excellence in the Teaching of English Language Arts  (Guidelines)

*The nominee must (a) have served as a classroom teacher for at least ten years, the last five of which must have been in Tennessee schools; (b) at the time of nomination be serving as a classroom teacher in Language Arts, English or English education in an elementary school, middle school, secondary school or college in the state of Tennessee; (c) be willing to accept the award at the TCTE Fall Conference; (d) be nominated by a colleague using the nomination form; (e) be a member of TCTE or join TCTE, sending in dues and membership form with application.


Adrian McClaren Scholarship Award (Guidelines)

*Any teacher who would like to apply for the scholarship of $500 to be used for TCTE or NCTE convention expenses or tuition for advanced college credit
should complete the following requirements:
1. Write an essay telling why he or she teaches, and give one anecdote about a classroom teaching experience.
2. Write a statement of exactly what the money ($500) will be spent on--specific course or convention and why this is important to the recipient.  Submit applicaiton by June 1st.  .

TCTE Members Receive NCTE Awards

Sharon Chaney–Distinguished Service Award (2014 Recipient)

Chris Dowlen—High School Teacher of Excellence (2014 Recipient)

TCTE Award Winners

Anna Dufur—Young Professionals Award (2014 Recipient)

Janis Little - Don Jenkins(2014 Recipient)

Chris Dowlen--Adrian McClaren Scholarship (2014 Recipient)

Don Jenkins Past Award Winners


Amy Lawrence, on the left, is the 

2013 Don Jenkins Award Winner.

Shown with Melissa Comer, the 

2012-2013 TCTE President.

Christopher Dowlin, center, is the 2012 Don Jenkins Award Winner.

Shown with 2011-2012 TCTE President Christi Williams, on the left, and Principal Schunn Turner, right.