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The Tennessee Council of Teachers of English (TCTE) is an affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).

The conference is RESCHEDULED for APRIL 20 and 21. WE are MORE than sorry for any and all inconvenience to all those involved and those who were looking forward to the conference.  

Off Book…

 I moved to a new high school in May of 2016 and by the first week of June, I was told that we had a week of training on a volunteer basis! Upon arrival to the training, four high schools were introduced to scripted curriculum. I can say that I have never experienced a pilot like this one. This is a great tool for a beginning teacher to have a basis to attack literature from the other side of the desk, but it has its ticks. The thought process behind it is to create consistency in rigor, and I know that it is needed, but there is no variation in my day: read, annotate, write--paragraph-by-paragraph of a text. I long for the days of spontaneity in my students and I going “off book” and engaging in discovery found in literature rather than the dogmatic overtures of power points. I know my students are fighting rigor because challenging texts are not found on social media, but the reality of secondary education demands it. Where do we go from here?  I have heard rumors that this trend may spread because is cost effective and no one would need to write or change curriculum anymore. As the 2017 TCTE President, I am hoping to revive my living soul as a teacher, not a robot. The conference is booked for September 29th and 30th, 2017 at the Fogelman Executive Center on the campus of the University of Memphis after two years in Nashville. I know that we are in an era that does not support outside professional development anymore, but if we don’t work together we will lose our voice in our classrooms!

Carol Peterson,

2017 TCTE President