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NCTE Sponsored Student Awards

PRESLM – The Program to Recognize Excellence in Student Literary Magazines

Promising Young Writers - This program is designed to stimulate and recognize excellence in writing among 8th graders.

Achievement Awards in Writing  This program is very similar to PYW except it is open to high school juniors.

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For more information at a local level, please contact Kathy Dooley-Smith.

Academic Exchange Quarterly

Summer 2016 Issue

Call for Manuscripts:  


Dr. Malinda (Mindy) Hoskins Lloyd

Assistant Professor

Tennessee Technological University

[email protected]


Issue: Summer 2016, KEYWORD: KNOWLEDGE

(Note: AEQ publishes manuscripts on thousands of topics which are all listed on its website. Please search for “Upcoming Summer 2016 KNOWLEDGE” issue.)


Topic’s Title: Teachers’ Knowledge of Best Practices in Literacy Instruction


Focus: Classroom teachers are charged with the task of implementing research-based, best practices in literacy instruction (and across the curriculum) as a means of increasing student achievement; however, with the influx of available online resources (some credible, some not), these practitioners must apply extensive discernment in putting “best practices” to work. Research clearly shows that teachers’ knowledge plays a crucial role in effective instruction. The theory-to-practice nexus remains of the essence.

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Chaney Wins the 2014 NCTE Distinguished Service Award

Congratulations to Sharon H. Chaney from Union University, in Hendersonville, Tennessee, on winning the 2014 Distinguished Service Award, given by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).

Chaney was presented with the award during NCTE's Annual Business Meeting for the Board of Directors on November 21, 2014. 

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Paperboy by Vince Vawter, was named as a 2014 Newbery Honor book.  Congratulations Vince, Tennessee native and 2013 TCTE keynote luncheon speaker, on a wonderful debut novel!.